One hundred and seventy one miles from home.

I am currently laid in bed in a hotel room 171 miles from home, halfway to our ultimate holiday destination, half way to our home for the next nine days, beach on our doorstep, hot tub, relaxation, just what we need, the holiday we have been looking forward to for a year, the first holiday we have chosen the destination of ourselves in ten years, not a charity holiday, a holiday that is all ours. Continue reading “One hundred and seventy one miles from home.”

When Molly came to stay, and we fell in love with Rubens Barn

My children love babies, almost as much as I do, baby dolls are an essential part of childhood role play, I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t love replicating the behaviour of their favourite people, Mummy and Daddy. So many dolls have passed through my house over the years, Annabelle, George, their little sister Mia, Baby Born, Tiny Tears, the list is endless, I have seriously lost count and whilst they still play with them they are all now sat at the bottom of the toy box, tatty and worn, seriously I have no idea what they are made of but that stuff is impossible to clean, even with a scourer and Cif, within a month or so they were unrecognisable from the shiny faced things that were wrestled out of the box on so, so many birthday’s and Christmas’s (seriously why are they so hard to get out of the box, so much wasted packaging, child waiting (im)patiently for their new baby while Bear runs around looking for the required scissors, Stanley knife and screwdriver required to remove the thing from the box!) They have used more batteries than anything else in the house, I think it would be cheaper to have had another baby than it is to keep Annabelle and the like in batteries!!

Continue reading “When Molly came to stay, and we fell in love with Rubens Barn”

My miscarriage truth. A letter to my beautiful lost babies.

My beautiful baby B,

Four years after I lost you I will always wonder who you would have become. Would you have had green eyes or blue? Blonde hair or red? What would your giggle have sounded like? Would you have looked like me or your daddy? Who would you have become my darling sweet butterfly baby?   Continue reading “My miscarriage truth. A letter to my beautiful lost babies.”

Seven Facts of a Special Needs Mum

I wrote this a couple of years back and thought it was worth a re-share. There are always things doing the rounds on Facebook. At that time it was the “seven facts about me” thing
I wrote it on my personal profile and deleted at least 15 facts, because people want fun and frivolity not messy truth and hurt.

So here is my truth, my painful messy truth. My “Seven Facts of a Special Needs Mum”  Continue reading “Seven Facts of a Special Needs Mum”

Shopping local just got tasty! Art that you can eat! 

As you may have realised by now, I like cake…all cake! I don’t discriminate. So, when I came across Andrea at Jigsaw Bakehouse over on Instagram I couldn’t have been more excited because the only thing I like more than cake is supporting small businesses and when those businesses are local I get even more excited. So, to discover a cake maker that is not only on my doorstep but who uses local ingredients wherever possible, including local free range eggs from Stonebridge City Farm, local preserves from Lings Larder and flour milled at Nottingham’s very own Greens Windmill, yes we have our own working windmill, it really did tick all my boxes! Discovering that by buying from Jigsaw Bakehouse you are in fact supporting several small businesses was a wonderful surprise Continue reading “Shopping local just got tasty! Art that you can eat! “

What Baby Bow wore w/c 31/7/17

We’ve not had a What Bow wore post for a couple of weeks but we are coming back with a bang! Last week was filled with a shopping trip to Dunelm ready for redecorating the children’s bedrooms, a trip to Costco and a walk around our local food market I think you’ll agree Bow was seriously rocking some amazing outfits for all of it!  Continue reading “What Baby Bow wore w/c 31/7/17”