The time we discovered Saal Digital….and fell hard for Alu-Dibond

We love photos here at Bow towers, I know, I know you never would have guessed from our instagram feed but I take a *lot* of photos! I love that you can capture the magic of a single moment forever, I love how looking at photos can evoke a feeling, a memory, it is there forever in full technicolour to pull out whenever you need to remember, whenever you need to smile. A well timed photo can transport you right back to the moment in which it was snapped.

Well shot photos capture character and essence. I have thousands on my phone, my facebook account, various online storage accounts and this year I decided to get them printed out and fill my walls with them too. To stop waiting for the technically perfect snap and to start printing off the snaps I loved and getting them up on my walls. I have frame after frame, canvases and even photo fridge magnets! I am always looking for new ways to display photos so when I came across an ad on Instagram for Saal Digital looking for reviewers I thought I would give them a go.

I initially looked online to place an order but was directed to an app which I duly downloaded. From there on it was super easy to upload my photo of choice, choose how I would like my photo printing, select sizing, edit and order. The app couldn’t have been simpler to use, none of the glitchyness I have expericed from Snapfish, Photobox and the like. It is a smooth high end experience that has the feel of quality from beginning to end, all prices are clear to see, sizings are shown with your chosen photo on a plain wall background to give you an idea of how it will look. In the “Wall decor” category you can choose from, to name but a few, canvas, acrylic and something called Alu-Dibond which despite having no idea what it was I went for. You can then choose to have mounted or un-mounted, I chose un-mounted because lets face it, Command Strips are life!! Postage is surprisingly cheap at only £5.95 via DHL. Saal Digital is located in Germany and the item I choose was quite large so I expected much higher postage costs.

Order placed I then excitedly awaited my masterpiece!

And I was not disappointed when it arrived, which didn’t take long at all, from order to delivery took only five days. It was well packaged, and when I unwrapped it I was amazed at the quality and vibrancy of the photo. It turns out Alu-Dibond is an amazingly thin aluminium which produces absolutely stunning wall decor. The quality is above and beyond any other photo item we have had before, and as I stated previously we have a lot, and I can not wait to get a whole selection of photos printed and have a wall of Alu-Dibond wall decor!

So in short Saal Digital deliver on every promise they make on their website with an easy to use app, super competitive and easy to understand pricing structure, fast turnaround, reasonable postage costs, good customer service at all points and above all else an amazing quality end product.

This photo addict is a complete Saal Digital convert and I’m looking forward to a whole wall full of Alu-Dibond beauty, which starting at just £6.95 for a 10 x 15 print doesn’t have to break the bank!

As you can see Miss Bow is a fan too, now to get it on the wall…where are those Command Strips……..

If you want to give Saal Digital a try then please just click on the link and you will get a fab code for £15 off your first order ……well what are you waiting for? ❤

18 thoughts on “The time we discovered Saal Digital….and fell hard for Alu-Dibond”

  1. Wow, this is great! We are based in the US so I’m not sure if it will work for us here, but I like the idea of this app, especially because I like printing my daughter’s photos and framing them. I have a thousand of photos to print for sure, including those on my Instagram account.

    Mae |


  2. Photos are my thing too! My boy has had a proper photoshoot almost every other month. And ofcourse the million phone pics too!
    My house is full of frames and collages. About 50 pics in all. I ll definitely be checking this out!
    Thank you!


  3. We have taken some great photos of our little guy….unfortunately I have yet to print and hang them! These look great! Very inspiring!


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