The Time a Stick Ruined Alton Towers! 

So this weekend we packed our bags, jumped in the car and headed to Alton Towers for two days of fun on a treat weekend courtesy of the amazing charity When You Wish upon A Star. We were lucky enough to go to Legoland last month (courtesy of “Superstar Siblings” ..aka my wonderful friend Louise who bought tickets as a treat for lego mad Jax) unfortunately that was spoilt somewhat (completely) by three out of four of the small people getting horrid tummy bugs on the day, which in turn resulted in a stop on the hard shoulder of the motorway on the way home to resusitate DeeDee, so this was a chance to redo the theme park weekend a little closer to home with, hopefully, a lot more smiles and a lot less sick!! 

The weekend started off really well with a fun filled day in the park on Friday Miss Bow adored the In The Night Garden ride and the other three loved everything else CBeeBies land had to offer.

A lovely (albeit costly) meal in Flambo Jambo’s, where I was far too happy to meet another special needs mum, I know very few in real life and always wish I had traded numbers if I happen upon any out and about but am aware that would probably make me seem super desperate so hold off mentioning it and try and be “normal”!

Then back to the Enchanted Village to stay the night. After Miss Bow had much fun with the curtain seperating the children’s bedroom from the main room it was bedtime. I was worried the littles wouldn’t sleep in such a tight space but I needn’t have worried at all they were all gone as soon as their heads touched the pillow and slept until 5am, which I’ll take as a win (hey you’ve got to take your wins where you can)

Breakfast the next morning in the Crooked Spoon was delicious, although not a massive amount of vegetarian options, there rarely is in buffet breakfasts, a veggie sausage would have been a welcome sight though I’ll be honest. Then off for day two in the park! This is where things started to go a little awry, I feel like we were maybe being greedy, we should have taken our one lovely day and ran, ran fast and far, but no with hope of another fun day we headed through the barrier and through to bag check……where the lovely man checking my bag completely ignored my warning not to zip up my, slightly overpacked, change bag and broke the zipper 😔 down to Guest Services we plodded where we were informed there would be an “investigation” and it would take two weeks to hear anything!! Two weeks without a change bag 😔🙈😔 what on earth am I supposed to do without a change bag?? Determined not to ponder on my poor ruined bag we grabbed our ride access pass and headed off for another day of rollercoasters and rides, I’m glad we had the RAP as it was busier than the previous day and Dee would never have coped with 60 min queues! All was going well for a good few hours rides were ridden, shows were watched, fun was had and then came the fateful decision to sit down for Mama to rest her feet, and dry out after going into battle on Battle gallion (the best ride!!) while the littles had a run around on the grass…..the stick filled grass!

Now Jax and Mimi love a good stick, personally I don’t get the appeal but I suppose  I’m not six! Eyes off them for a second…….the horrid sound of Mimi screaming, she never screams she is the bravest little girl and if she cries I know it must be bad, I’m scared to look up but remember I’m the parent and I need to be responsible, her hands over her face, still screaming, oh shit it really must be bad! She is curled up on my knee, inconsolable but manages to blurt out between sobs that Jax has stabbed her with a stick………in the eye!!! Maybe it’s not too bad, maybe it’s just the shock and he just caught the corner of her eye……….she finally moves her hand! Oh crap it’s bad, the dirty, sharp germ ridden stick has been stabbed into her eyeball.

We gather everything up, someone manages to stand on Mama’s brand new Ted Baker sunglasses and break then too and Ryan, a lovely Alton Towers employee (the place is full of lovely employees) comes over and takes us to the medical centre, where after trying unsuccessfully to rinse her eye Ed and a lovely lady who’s name I unfortunately didn’t catch, promptly send us to the hospital! No more rides. No more fun! A&E for us.
We debate which hospital to go to and end up plumping for the closest and stop at Derby where Mimi continues to be super brave and a Dr informs us she has a couple of nasty scratches on her eye, including one across her iris 😔 she needs to see Opthalmology asap but no clinics run at the weekend so it will be first thing Monday (I will refrain from a government rant) so home it is, with a broken bag, broken sunglasses, a broken child and in true Enigma Family syle a weekend of fun turned into a weekend of drama.

Sticks are now added to the “gives Mama anxiety attacks if we go near them” list, which I’ll be honest is growing longer everyday.

I won’t lie, cider was consumed last night (one bottle, ohhh slow down Mama!!)

Keep your fingers crossed for a positive “investigation” outcome for my poor bag ! I will update on my little pirate after Opthalmology appointment, she is being super brave as always at the minute and can at least open her eye this morning, and is enjoying a quiet movie day curled up on the sofa with mama.

Maybe, if we dare try again, it will be third time lucky? You’ve got to have hope right?

14 thoughts on “The Time a Stick Ruined Alton Towers! ”

  1. Brave brave Miss Mimi!!
    Sorry you’re bagless though mumma! Hopefully they’ll “investigate” a new one sharpish! ❤


  2. Oh my goodness. I hope that sweet girl is okay! It’s tough, because you want to let your babies play they way they want, but then stuff like this happens, and it happens to us all!


  3. STOP IT! I cannot believe this happened to you!! Yesterday I was debating whether or not to let my kids play with sticks at the park (they wanted to make a “giant bird’s nest”)- never again!!


  4. Oh my goodness! This sounds so awful! I hope your little one is okay! It’s stories like these that make me so glad my youngest wears glasses! They’ve protected her eyes so many times!


  5. Awwww little munchkin, get well soon. I almost skipped a beat reading the stick incident, I swear sometimes I feel I should have eyes on the back of my head too…. Hugs and kisses mama! Keep us posted on how the little one is feeling 🙂


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