How “Unicorn Poop Brownies” took the fear factor out of going Vegan! 

Last week I came across this post on Facebook advertising Vegan unicorn brownies! Don’t they look amazing??

I shared it to my facebook page and added it to my “must try” list

A few days later I got a card in the post. We recently had a hospital admission with DeeDee which turned up some news I wasn’t expecting about her health, since then I have taken a bit of a step back from my personal social media and thrown myself into Instagram and my blog a little more, it’s definitely a coping strategy for me and Bear is happy as it’s cheaper than the shopping I would normally do! 🙈 The card was from my birth group, an amazing, suppportive, funny and wonderful group of women I met online whilst pregnant with Bow (keep your eyes peeled as I plan to tell you much more about them another time, they definitely deserve a whole post to themselves) inside was a lovely little poem telling me they were thinking of me and that I should look out for a surprise in the post. The postman also handed me a box. I love getting parcels, like seriously love it, even more so surprise parcels. I ripped open the box and inside was no other than the amazing looking unicorn brownie I had shared a few days previously!! We were headed out, the postman handed me the box as I climbed into the car, so I had to wait eight whole hours until I could rip it open and try it (I won’t lie I was waiting no longer so the pics are pretty poor which I apologise for, although “I need better photo’s” seems a perfect excuse to order more)

As you can see it travelled really well in the post!

Now I feel I should make clear here that I’m not actually Vegan, although I am working on it, I don’t eat eggs or drink cows milk and only eat a 10th of the amount of cheese I did a couple of years back, it is slow progress but I am trying. So I have never actually tried vegan cake, and I will be honest it is one of the things stopping me throwing myself wholeheartedly into veganism! I do like a cake and brownie really is the ultimate. So as amazing as this looked I was a little anxious at trying it as I didn’t want to be disappointed, I felt the future of my vegan decision was riding on this unicorn’s little fondant head!

So, I cut myself a slice off and chopped it into four, I thought I’d better at least give the illusion that I was planning on sharing with Bear!

Tentively I took my first bite and……absolute complete and utter heaven! I will go so far as to say it is quite simply the nicest brownie I have ever tasted, a title previously held by Starbucks (definitely not vegan) brownie. I have no idea how Hannah has done it but it is moist, chocolately and just amazingly delicious. Despite looking super sickly the marshmallow on the top is delicately flavoured and tastes devine, I did share with Bear (secretly hoping he would hate it) but unfortunately he loved it as much as I did, and you would have to search far and wide to find anyone more anti vegan than my husband!!

Now I have no shame in admitting that when the children woke the next morning and wanted to know what was in the box I told them it was unicorn poop brownie in an attempt to dissuade them from trying it, obviously it didn’t work because my children were desperate to try the Unicorn poop!! Safe to say it was a hit all around. I even shared some with my parents when they came for Sunday dinner, I felt like everyone needed to know how delicious the vegan brownie was!! If you were passing by my house at the weekend you would have repeatedly heard me exclaiming “but its vegan!!” In an incredulous tone

I will definitely be ordering again and will I go vegan? I really don’t know but I do know that I am no longer scared about missing the good stuff should I be brave enough to make the leap so watch this space!!

Miss Bow definitely enjoyed it

(How awesome is this plate? It can be found here

Want to try it for yourself?? Of course you do! Here’s the link, enjoy 😘😘

14 thoughts on “How “Unicorn Poop Brownies” took the fear factor out of going Vegan! ”

  1. These look amazing! I wish I had the guts to go vegan. I just can’t! I love the bamboo plate too! Oh, and I completely agree — Starbucks brownies are heavenly! ❤


  2. Love this! Exactly how I felt when I first tried Hannah’s bakery 😍 now I won’t buy any celebratory cake (my baby shower cake was by her) or brownies from anyone else and again we aren’t vegan and I bloody love marshmallow and loved the unicorn cake (I got ours for Easter as something different). I’m now jealous that you have had one more recently than me lol.


  3. These look sooooooo delicious! I’m not vegan either, but I have some friends whose food allergies make having a good vegan brownie recipe (which is what I thought this post was at first) on hand a good idea – Hannah’s Bakery, you’ve inspired me to hunt for one to try on our side of the pond!


  4. That’s awesome. And they are so pretty! When I was dairy and egg and wheat free during an elimination diet one birthday, my sweet teenage daughter made me the BEST DF, GF, egg-free chocolate cake. It was amazing but it took her many hours. I’m sure there is a lot of love and work going into those unicorn brownies.


  5. Aw that is the SWEETEST thing that they just sent it to you. How thoughtful! They look delicious. Hugs! Sorry about the bad news.


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