What Baby Bow wore w/c 31/7/17

We’ve not had a What Bow wore post for a couple of weeks but we are coming back with a bang! Last week was filled with a shopping trip to Dunelm ready for redecorating the children’s bedrooms, a trip to Costco and a walk around our local food market I think you’ll agree Bow was seriously rocking some amazing outfits for all of it! 

First up we have this amazing outfit for shopping in Dunelm, where Bow found lots of super comfy nooks and cranies in whch to hide, just look at that cheeky face! The denim jumpsuit is from No Added Sugar and is a wardrobe staple, I don’t often buy things that aren’t handmade for Bow but we do have a secret love for NAS! The amazing pom pom headband is from Chelsea at Oh Sew Evie, seriously how amazing is it? I’ll pop a link to her etsy shop below where she has them listed on a hard headband but just message and she will happily pop them on a soft band for you. Oh and if you use the code OHSEW10 you get an amazing 10% off !! What are you waiting for??!!

Next up for a trip to Costco we had this stripy angel wing top which I got online, these amazing bummies from Amity at Little Duckey Designs, the best socks in the world which were a gift from my friend Jess over at Olive Anne Creations and rainbow converse! Bow loves Costco, I think the stands handing out samples has a lot to do with!!

And last but by no means least we popped along to our local food market and Bow wore what I like to refer to as “The Best Outfit Ever!” The romper is from Kim at Virtuosew and the Wonder Bow headband is from Michelle at Hello Beautiful Designs and seriously I couldn’t love it more!! Look at her!!!


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