Shopping local just got tasty! Art that you can eat! 

As you may have realised by now, I like cake…all cake! I don’t discriminate. So, when I came across Andrea at Jigsaw Bakehouse over on Instagram I couldn’t have been more excited because the only thing I like more than cake is supporting small businesses and when those businesses are local I get even more excited. So, to discover a cake maker that is not only on my doorstep but who uses local ingredients wherever possible, including local free range eggs from Stonebridge City Farm, local preserves from Lings Larder and flour milled at Nottingham’s very own Greens Windmill, yes we have our own working windmill, it really did tick all my boxes! Discovering that by buying from Jigsaw Bakehouse you are in fact supporting several small businesses was a wonderful surprise

So, when Andrea reached out on Instagram, where she had been filling my feed with temptation for a couple of months, and asked if we would like to sample some of her gorgeous looking goodies it took me approximately .5 of a second to say “yes please” She asked what we would like to sample and I said that a surprise would be amazing but that I was a huge fan of caramel shortbread and I didn’t like carrot cake. Now, I am sure Andrea’s carrot and walnut cake is amazing, it certainly looks it, but if I am eating cake I want chocolate and caramel and goo, I do not want carrot’s, carrots belong in coleslaw! (so maybe I don’t quite like all cake)

Andrea told me that it would be ready a couple of days later and she was happy to drop it round as she is literally just around the corner from me. As it happened I picked it up as I was out and about. Andrea couldn’t have been more friendly when I called in to collect. Her house was easy to find, I followed the amazing scent of cake!

When I got home we delicately opened the beautiful box, haha who am I kidding we ripped that bad boy open.

Look at that face!! She was not down for waiting at all! That face is saying “show me the cake Mama!”

Look at that little hand!!

Jigsaw Bakehouse claim to produce “artisian traybakes” so my hopes were very high, I am happy to say I was not dissapointed! I was greeted by a box full of amazing looking goodies, Millionaires Shortbread, Brownie and sweetie cakes for the children.

The Millionaire’s shortbread was the first to go, crumbly, smooth delicious, I have no shame in saying I refused to share with anyone, other than Bow, Bow is the exception to every rule, she’s a toddler therefore not sharing with her is not an option. I have been a huge fan of caramel shortbread since I was tiny and it was my favourite school pudding, so I have tried a lot over the years and so many get it wrong, too much caramel, not enough chocolate, shortbread too hard. I can say without question Andrea’s is perfection!! Next up was the brownie, which I did share with everyone and Bear declared it was “The Best Brownie” he had ever eaten so clear winner there. As you may already know brownie is a huge favourite here at Bow Towers and we consider ourselves brownie experts so this is praise indeed! Jax and Mimi demolished the sweetie cakes, again helped by Bow and said they were the nicest cakes ever, and they have had lots of cakes!!

So, all around they were a complete winner! I can say without question that for every future occasion needing cake, Mother’s day, Father’s day…..Sunday, we will be ordering cake from Andrea and I will be sharing the love too and plan on sending some to friends, the novelty of traybake cakes by post will never get old, why send flowers when you can send cake!

If you want to try them out yourself, lets be honest why wouldn’t you, then do pop Andrea a message I will link her website below but she can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and she really couldn’t be more helpful. Please do tell her I sent you if…..when you order. Don’t forget it doesn’t matter if you aren’t local as she posts! If you have never received cake in the post then you really are in for a treat!

13 thoughts on “Shopping local just got tasty! Art that you can eat! ”

  1. Those look so so so good. I’m not sure I could bring myself to eat them 🤔 Yes yes I could haha. Sounds like a fab bakery to order from!


  2. Oh, YUM! Those look soooooooo tasty! All those chocolate things are making me drool, just looking at them – bet every last bite was delicious!


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