When Molly came to stay, and we fell in love with Rubens Barn

My children love babies, almost as much as I do, baby dolls are an essential part of childhood role play, I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t love replicating the behaviour of their favourite people, Mummy and Daddy. So many dolls have passed through my house over the years, Annabelle, George, their little sister Mia, Baby Born, Tiny Tears, the list is endless, I have seriously lost count and whilst they still play with them they are all now sat at the bottom of the toy box, tatty and worn, seriously I have no idea what they are made of but that stuff is impossible to clean, even with a scourer and Cif, within a month or so they were unrecognisable from the shiny faced things that were wrestled out of the box on so, so many birthday’s and Christmas’s (seriously why are they so hard to get out of the box, so much wasted packaging, child waiting (im)patiently for their new baby while Bear runs around looking for the required scissors, Stanley knife and screwdriver required to remove the thing from the box!) They have used more batteries than anything else in the house, I think it would be cheaper to have had another baby than it is to keep Annabelle and the like in batteries!!


I started to scour the internet for an alternative, surely there must be one. A nice doll, one that didn’t look like Chucky or his bride (I’m looking at you Luvabella, seriously what even is that thing?) that didn’t require me to take out shares in Duracell, that wouldn’t look like Stig of the Dump within a month and that my children liked, surely that’s not asking a lot? Surely those are simple things to take into consideration when designing a doll? After searching the internet night after night for a week or more it seemed we were destined to keep replacing plastic doll after identical plastic doll.

And then, I discovered Rubens Barn. Eureka!! Beautiful dolls, babies, toddlers, the possibilities were endless. I asked around in the many natural parenting toy groups I frequent on Facebook and discovered that the babies were weighted, which I was told time and again helped with sleep. Now I’m not going to lie once I was told that there was no question that one would be falling into my basket and landing on my doorstep, a doll that was exactly what I was looking for, ticked every box AND could help Bow sleep?




We opted for Miss Molly but it was a tough decision as they are all so beautiful! And then we waited patiently for her to arrive, which took two days direct from Rubens Barn to us in the UK. When she landed we couldn’t wait to open the box, whilst Miss Bow slept we got the Stanley knife, screwdriver, allen key and everything else ready so that Molly could make as speedy an exit as possible from the box once she woke and we opened it. We needn’t have bothered, minimal packaging meant that she slid straight out of her box, no plastic, no wrestling her free just a little cardboard perch that Bow herself removed her from!

The second Bow laid eyes on her it was love, she couldn’t take her eyes off her and as soon as she had her out of the box she covered her in delighted kisses, she stroked her super soft hair, I wasn’t expecting the softness of the hair, and stood staring at her lovely little face. Instantly she was smitten, as were we all! Since Molly has arrived she has slept with Bow every night, and allowed me after 17 months of having to go up to bed with Bow every night and stay there, afraid to move as the second I got off the bed her little eyes would spring open, to actually go downstairs of an evening! This is a bonus I definitely wasn’t expecting but have gratefully accepted! The weight in the Rubens Barn babies is lovely, just enough that they aren’t heavy but they make an impression, Bow can feel her laid beside her of a night and is much more settled.

Molly has been with us on days out, she has been fed dinner by an over enthusiastic toddler many an evening, has shared many a bottle of oat milk with Bow, has been dropped and generally spent two months having the time of her life with my beast of a toddler. Throughout it all she still looks as lovely as the day we unboxed her. A quick wipe over with a wet wipe, or a little warm soapy water for the bigger marks and you would never know they were there. She has lost her bib along the way but other than that she is as good as new. She is completely machine washable though should disaster strike and the need arise to pop her in the machine then the option is there

DeeDee and Mimi have added Rubens Barn babies to their birthday and Christmas lists and I will have no hesitation in purchasing them for them. Pricewise they are similar to Annabelle but they are so much more beautiful and long lasting. The only difficulty is choosing which one to adopt next, with cuties, toddlers and babies on the list I can see us soon having a nursery full of Rubens Barns loveliness!

As an added bonus my Nanna, who has dementia, is also completely in love with Molly and has requested a baby of her own. I had seen the Rubens Barn dolls marketed as dementia dolls and was a little dubious but seeing my Nanna with Molly I can completely see how they work!

Rubens Barn have this week launched sales from their own website so you can now purchase direct, yay! The customer service we received from them when they sent Molly was second to none. Sandra couldn’t have been more helpful and as mentioned above postage was super speedy. Check out what they have on offer at Rubens Barn and as an added bonus tell them we sent you and enter MISSBOW at checkout for a lovely little discount!  

Let me know which you go for and what you think, I promise you won’t be disappointed

Mama T xxx




2 thoughts on “When Molly came to stay, and we fell in love with Rubens Barn”

  1. Molly is cute. Her hair is soft you can tell by the picture. The pictures with your daughter and her seal the deal. She looks extremely happy with her. I love that she’s washable and without batteries.


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