Learning to be selfish, what drove me to blog! 

My introduction to motherhood wasn’t like most peoples. When my baby was nine days old I was told I was going to lose her. I had only just become a mummy, our journey together had just begun and I was being told that I should prepare myself for the worst possible nightmare as a parent. You see when DeeDee was nine days old she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumour. It was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before and so no one could offer any kind of treatment, nor any kind of hope. Continue reading “Learning to be selfish, what drove me to blog! “

The time I asked…What makes the Storksak Fab Bag fabber than the fab bags I already have? 

This blog post was orginally published in September 2016 over on http://www.babyandplay.co.uk/blog/storksak-fab-bag/

What makes a FAB bag fabber than the fab bags I already have?

That was the question I posed to the amazing guys at Baby and Play (more about them in another post) so they sent a Storksak FAB bag for me to try. Continue reading “The time I asked…What makes the Storksak Fab Bag fabber than the fab bags I already have? “

The Time a Stick Ruined Alton Towers! 

So this weekend we packed our bags, jumped in the car and headed to Alton Towers for two days of fun on a treat weekend courtesy of the amazing charity When You Wish upon A Star. We were lucky enough to go to Legoland last month (courtesy of “Superstar Siblings” ..aka my wonderful friend Louise who bought tickets as a treat for lego mad Jax) unfortunately that was spoilt somewhat (completely) by three out of four of the small people getting horrid tummy bugs on the day, which in turn resulted in a stop on the hard shoulder of the motorway on the way home to resusitate DeeDee, so this was a chance to redo the theme park weekend a little closer to home with, hopefully, a lot more smiles and a lot less sick!!  Continue reading “The Time a Stick Ruined Alton Towers! “

What Baby Bow wore W/C 10th July 2017

Lots of fun this week with breakfast and playing at David Lloyd while her brother and sister had a tennis lesson, a home ed trip to Mod Pizza to learn pizza making skills, Miss Bow is too little to join in with the making but she appointed herself cheif pizza taster. Then we made the most of the nice weather with some garden fun and welcomed a new arrival in the shape of Baby Molly from Rubens Barn (keep your eyes peeled for upcoming review on this 💗)  Continue reading “What Baby Bow wore W/C 10th July 2017”

The time we discovered Saal Digital….and fell hard for Alu-Dibond

We love photos here at Bow towers, I know, I know you never would have guessed from our instagram feed but I take a *lot* of photos! I love that you can capture the magic of a single moment forever, I love how looking at photos can evoke a feeling, a memory, it is there forever in full technicolour to pull out whenever you need to remember, whenever you need to smile. A well timed photo can transport you right back to the moment in which it was snapped. Continue reading “The time we discovered Saal Digital….and fell hard for Alu-Dibond”